We offers the most interactive adventure you can experience in Japan. Located in Tokyo, I’m a premier provider of mountain adventure,backpacking, and trekking tours in Hokkaido. I have hosted clients from all over the world. Looking forward to having you join us!

Tour Programms

The following tours are some examples.
I offer various types of customized private tours exclusively for you.
Please feel free to contact me!
【Price from】$480~ 【show more】
Climbing the Mt.Tsurugi&Tateyama
【Price from】$1,100~ 【show more】

Private Guiding

We provides mountain trekking, shower climbing, climbing, snow mountaineering, snow shoe guiding and instruction.  We offer group guided trips as well as private trips, specifically for visitors from all over the world. We can arrange to accommodate groups from 1 person to 8 people, and can arrange trips for even small groups with sufficient advance notification.

Guide Fee List

Guide  fee per day (yen)

Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Accommodation,Outdoor insurance and Ski Gondola Tickets are not included in guide fee.
Number  1 2 3 4-8
Summer US$290(/day) US$170(/day) US$130(/day) US$120(/day)
Climbing/Winter US$360(/day) US$240(/day) US$180(/day) US$150(/day)

Guide’s Expenses

Your quote will contain reasonable and modest guide expenses during your program. These include driving costs (unless you drive the guide), accommodation and meals (does not apply to day tours), etc.
Before booking your private program we will give you a final quote as to cost.

About Guide


I’m a profesTomoyuki Ishiharasional bilingual tour guide. When I was a student, I traveled 108 countries with a backpack and climbed a lot of mountains. Then, I worked at a travel agency for 5 years. In 2009, I qualified with the Japan Mountain Guide Association (JMGA) and International Mountain Leaders across the world(UIMLA) and Wilderness Advanced First Aid and Itinerary Control Manager.

I’m guiding all areas of Japan mountains on best season!! If it is bad condition of original plan, I can re-plan as soon as possible and enjoy your mountain!!


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