Climbing the Yarigadake(3180m)!! 槍ヶ岳登頂!

sunrise with Yarigadake

Day1: Kamikochi Bus terminal(1500m)~yokoh hut(1820m) 14km/4H
Day2: Yokoh hut(1820m)~Yarigadake hut(3080m)~Sumitt of Yarigadake(3180m) 10km/7-8H /1360m(Difference in elevation)
Day3:Yarigadake hut~Kamikochi Bus terminal 20km/ 7-8H

Yarigatake is one of the most famous Mountain in Japan, It looks like Matterhorn in switzerland. It is the 5th highest mountain in japan. It’s quite rare to see people from other countries but, it’s very popular to climb mountain for Japanese and korean. You can enjoy walk at beautiful river side and climb steep wall!! and, you can expect to meet japanese monkey on the way!! it’s so cute!!

Japanse Bath

First day, you can enjoy easy walk to the Yarigadake hut. It takes 4hours..

there is Bath at Yarigadake hut. you can enjoy a bath without all your clothes. The bath divided into the area men and women rooms, Don’t miss the sign men男湯 and women女湯.

Climbing on snowy valley

Second day, it’s starting mountaineering, you need to walk slowly. otherwise, you’ll get high altitude sick.

Yari from south east.

How to climb the last difficult climbing part,,,

you can drop off your backpack at the hut. then ready to climb!!

Let’s climb on!

It’s a bit scary,,

Made a summit!!

there is panorama view from summit.

Relax time in the hut

Orituru whick is japan paper cranes.

japanese style dinner at hut

yarigadake from hut

3th day, it’ll go back same way.


funny friends

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